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Hardware Maintenance | Software | Integrations | IMAC

To obtain reliable maintenance of a computer system, careful planning, maintenance and monitoring are required down to the last detail. Our team of experts is perfectly aware of every aspect of the maintenance ecosystem, and is involved from the planning in the implementations and services to the maintenance of its technology, through the installation, testing and implementation of the system, as well as the training of personnel. Our maintenance services include proximity services and address the most stringent SLAs.

The maintenance service of Main IT will provide the peace of mind that comes from having an experienced team of on-site engineers who serve even the most mission-critical IT teams. Our maintenance programs are flexible and can be customized according to your needs, while offering significant savings compared to traditional OEM maintenance. Our common goal is to provide continuous support to our clients through our experienced service team and global access at any time.

Companies are afraid to move their OEM maintenance agreements to TPMs. Companies like Accenture explain why IT leaders should have confidence when considering the change to a TPM. Read about its four strategies for maintaining third-party hardware here.

  • Multi-Manufacturer
  • SLA 24×7
  • National geographic coverage
  • Microcomputing and servers
  • Dedicated stores
  • Own laboratories
  • Guarantee management
  • IMAC
  • Mass migrations
  • Infrastructure audit
  • Multivendor
  • Payment methods
  • Outprinting
  • Sale of infrastructure


Main IT has people / agents dedicated to the daily piloting of each event or problem of your company. It makes a detailed follow-up of each situation from the qualification, scaling, resolution and closure based on ITIL best practices.

This system allows us to follow an exhaustive control of each event with a single point of contact that responds to request. All this piloting is supported by reliable and shared tools with each client, which allows us to carry out a bidirectional follow-up as well as maintaining a communication permanent.


The technicians of the Technical Support Service work together with our clients to accompany them in the resolution of their doubts and problems through the Customer Portal,

A personalized On-line Support Service, with unlimited access to the delivery and consultation of your incidents with Technical Support and the most frequent questions and answers service.


Only point of contact:

Preserves a full life cycle partnership with our clients in design, implementation and support to maximize the uptime of the infrastructure.

Cost Reductions:

Commits to limit capital equipment expenses by increasing the EOL (End-of-Life) of IT equipment and reducing system downtime.

Faster resolution:

It solves time-sensitive and highly technical operations for medium-range systems, networks and storage.


Customize basic services giving our customers control over the specifications of their maintenance Solutions and support level.


We can customize any of these services to meet your needs:
• Seven days a week, 365 days a year, 4 response hours (24x7x4)
• 5 days a week, 4 hours response on site (9x5x4)
• Local engineer option next business day or parts replacement only.

Support Coverage Locations:

Main IT coverage extends to virtually every major city in Spain. We also have a great international reach with our partners and we can support Europe, Asia / Pacific regions, South America and many more. Contact us for more information about coverage in specific geographic areas. For more information about our variety of products and services, please contact us.