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Main IT, within its priority for excellence, has established its environmental policy, which establishes objectives and goals that allow us to focus our activities to guarantee environmental protection.

The management team of the firm personally undertakes to comply with this policy and with the achievement of the objectives.

This policy has as a priority, the implementation of measures to ensure prevention, and when this is not possible, the reduction of the impact on the environment derived from the activities, products and services of Main IT while fostering a culture so that all people working in Main IT are aware of the environmental impact of their activities and the actions to be taken to reduce them, thus contributing to sustainable development.

Through compliance with these principles, work must be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the contracts and applicable standards, offering a high degree of reliability and quality of service to our customers.

Key points of the policy

Commitment to compliance with legal requirements and other requirements

Main IT establishes as a priority the fulfillment of legal requirements and other requirements, so it keeps the applicable legislation updated, provides the necessary resources for its implementation and periodically evaluates its compliance.


Commitment to continuous improvement of environmental behavior


Main IT includes the commitment to continuous improvement as a process that is carried out systematically and proactively, and one of the pillars of this commitment is the promotion of the participation of all Main IT workers.

Through the environmental indicators and their monitoring, quantifies the improvement of the environmental behavior of Main IT that materializes in the reduction of consumption and natural resources, decrease in the generation of waste, emissions or discharges, decrease in the footprint of Main IT and use of environmentally sustainable products.


Commitment to prevent pollution and preserve natural resources


Main IT designs its activities including the commitment to prevent pollution in a general way, with special emphasis on the selection of products and services that respect the environment, optimizing the consumption of resources, reducing and assessing waste and establishing mechanisms to minimize the environmental risks.


Commitment to foster a culture of respect for the environment


Main IT encourages internal communication between all levels of the organization, to promote an environmental conception that integrates the natural environment in the day to day of workers, promoting a value system that includes ecological awareness.

Main IT extends this policy to its suppliers and subcontractors so that, jointly, they manifest their contribution to the conservation of natural resources and the protection of the environment.