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​Outsourcing in Business Processes (BPO)

  • The composition and current objectives of the companies oblige them to
    Focus all your experience and efforts on achieving excellence in
    your business core For this, it is necessary that companies
    flixibilize your efforts in business processes that, although
    vital to their business processes, they are not fundamental or key to
    the products and services they provide, that is, focus their expertise
    in your business and outsource your IT processes to third parties so they can
    help align and evolve without losing competitiveness or resources so necessary to grow in the really important areas. From Main IT, we offer IT outsourcing services for companies to grow from where they have to grow. Specifically:

Outsourcing qualified IT staff:

Specialized technical resources highlighted in the client’s home for the most common tasks of maintenance and administration of computer infrastructures. This type of Outsourcing can be developed from the most basic of technical services to complete a complete team that manages, maintains and evolves all the IT processes of the company.

Process Outsourcing: Managed Services


There is the possibility that a company, due to its talent and internal recuse, only wants to outsource IT processes but by levels, that is, punctual or redundant support in a process or processes in which only need to rely on another company to eliminate, for example, recurring tasks or specific skills that are not within the organization and that are not bulky enough to outsource or hire more staff.

This type of outsourcing means that we can integrate into the chain of IT processes, providing value only and exclusively where organizations need it and being transparent for the development of the activity.

As we know Lean IT aims to provide IT organizations with a framework of principles, systems and tools that integrate, align and synchronize the IT organization with the business,to provide effective information systems and quality information in them, enabling and maintaining continuous improvement and innovation in processes. But Lean IT is not just a set of techniques and practices, but also seeks the cultural transformation of the organization, so that each individual thinks differently, but think Lean

Logistic and technical outsourcing

In Main IT we have Logistic / Technical centers distributed in strategic points of the national geography to be able to offer support services, both technical and logistic, to be able to meet the most stringent SLAs in critical environments.

These services are flexible within the outsourcing processes and, obviously, they can offer in a way that they can be support at specific points or in a general way.

The common objective should be to preserve the focus at the core of the business, maintain or increase the quality in the provision of non-fundamental services of the business itself and significant cost savings. These 3 pillars are the basics for successful outsourcing.